Used D&B Audiotechnik:


B1, B2, C3, C4, CH4, C6, C6 mon, C690, C7, Ci7, Ci60, Ci80, Ci90 E3, E9, E12 Top, E12 Sub, E15, E15bx, E18, F1, F2, F1220, F1222, J-sub, J-infra, M2, MAX 15, MAX 12, M15, Bassmax, Q1, Q7, Q10, Q-sub, Qi10, Qi Sub, T10, T Sub, 10AL, Y-Sub


A1, D6, D12, D20, D40, D80, E-PAC V2, E-PAC V3, P1200L, P1200A

R60 R70 RIB


We sell also brands like: Meyer Sound, Audience Delight, Soundcraft, Crest audio, Pioneer, SGM, Robe, Martin, Prolyte, Global Truss, Sennheiser, Shure, KMT, Electro Voice, ASS, Dap audio, JBL 

We offer used Pro Light Sound and Video equipment.

We are always looking for PRO audio light and video equipment. Do you have something for sale? 

For our clients we are looking for specific equipment.