Products for Sale

USED D&B Audiotechnik - Speakers

D&B Audiotechnik C4

Per set: 4 x C4 Top, 4 x C4 Sub, 2 x P1200
Price per set €9.250

2 sets available

Tops, subs and amps also for sale separately.


 9 pieces available

Price €800,- per piece

Speakon NL4

Without flightcases

D&B Audiotechnik C6

8 pieces available

Per 2 inclusive brackets and case 

Price €1850,- per set

D&B audiotechnik C4 C7 Cover

4 pieces available

Price €50,- per piece


For C4 sub, C4 top or C7 top


D&B Audiotechnik Ci7

3 x  Ci7 Sets, each set contains:

2 x Ci7 Top with speakon connector


Price per set  €2400,-


3 sets available

D&B Audiotechnik C7

Set contains:

2 x C7 Top 

4 xC 7 Sub

2 x P1200

Price €8.750,-

d&B Audiotechnik E3

16 Pieces available.

Price per piece € 400,-

Brackets €25,-

Flightcase per 2 or 4 on request.


D&B Audiotechnik P1200

Available cards:

E3, E9, C6, C4, C7

Speakon and EP5

Price €595,- per piece


D&B Audiotechnik d12

 EP5 Connection

Powercon cable included 

Greenline edition €1600.- per piece 

Blackline edition €1650.- per piece 

d&B Audiotechnik E9

4 Pieces available,

Including flightcases

Per 2 inclusive brackets and case 

Price €1850,- per set

D&B Audiotechnik e12 sub



Price €750,- per piece


D&B Audiotechnik Epac

Speakon Connection



V3 €400.- per piece 

V2 €275.- per piece 

D&B Audiotechnik Q7

4 Pieces available,

Including flightcases

Setprice €4100,- per 2

Excluding brackets


KMT INfra B2 set


1 x KMT INFRA PAC 2 amps

Setprice €3.500,-


Set contains:

6 x B4 Case


Price €75 per piece or all 6 for €300.-

Soundcraft K2

1 Piece available,

Including double power supply unit and Flightcase

Price €1200,- per piece


D&B Auiotechnik Ci7 top

6 x Ci7 Top 

C7 installation version

Speakon connections


Price €1200,- per piece


Soundcraft Expression 43

1 x  Soundcraft expression 3

1 x  Pro Flightcase


no stagebox available 

Price €2.000,-